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About Us

Hello and welcome to Bumblebee Flowers. My name is Catherine Cole and I have been a professional florist for more than 30 years.


Throughout my career as a florist, I have designed and created flower arrangements for highly recognised locations and events, such as St. Pauls Cathedral and the Royal Albert Hall. I have also enjoyed helping many, now friends, with special occasions and events. I have enjoyed my work so much that I now want to teach others how to really enjoy the art of flower arranging. 


With the ever growing "New normal" I have decided to take my classes online. This is a new and fun experience for me and I have had some fantastic feedback on my existing courses.

The "way it works";

          When you book on to one of my courses you will receive a welcome basket the day before with all the essentials you will need for my online courses. That includes Flowers, Oasis, candles and of course lights. The only thing you will need are some scissors and a glass.

Online Christmas Classes Booking now!!!!!!!

30th November - 19th December!